Business consulting

Considering our hectic work schedules, it is often difficult to find time to analyse data. Leave it to us and rest assured that nothing escapes our attention. While you concentrate on your core processes, we analyse your latest data and in accordance with your requirements, we can supply a variety of reports - from a short business evaluation to a comprehensive controlling report.

In this way, we can provide you with all the important information in a nutshell:

  • How high are my costs and revenues?
  • What share of revenues is attributable to which area of operations?
  • How high is the profit and how has it evolved by industry standards or compared to the previous year?
  • How does the cash flow look once taxes, private pensions and withdrawals are taken into account?
  • How do my actual business results compare to forecast figures?

The days of guilty conscience are now over because from now on you will always be well informed. Depending on your requirements, we will discuss your economic situation on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We are happy to prepare business projections, including cash-flow forecasts for you. This is particularly important for the financing of investments or rollover of loans. Start-ups also need reliable forecasts for their projects.